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SIMS: Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

EPMA: Electron Probe Micro-Analysis

LEXES: Low energy Electron induced X-ray Emission Spectrometry

TAP (or 3DAP): Tomographic Atom Probe (or 3 D Atom Probe)

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CAMECA has over 50 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and servicing scientific instruments for material micro-and nano-analysis. Since pioneering Electron Probe Micro-Analysis (EPMA) in the 1950’s and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry (SIMS) in the 1960’s, CAMECA has remained the undisputed world leader in these techniques, while achieving numerous breakthrough innovations in complementary techniques such as Low energy Electron induced X-ray Emission Spectrometry (LEXES) and 3D Atom Probe (TAP).

CAMECA evolved from a provider of scientific instrumentation for the international research community to a provider of metrology solutions for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, successfully expanding both product range and market reach. The CAMECA instruments provide elemental and isotopic composition data from micron down to sub-nanometer scale and have numerous applications in mineralogy, geochemistry and cosmochemistry, cell and microbiology, materials science, nanomaterials and semiconductors. CAMECA also develops innovative metrology tools to solve semiconductor manufacturing challenges, from infab process control to R&D for thin film and new materials. These tools address all issues of ultra-thin film elemental composition, ULE implants, dopant dosimetry and layer thickness.

Users of CAMECA instruments are scientists involved in fundamental or applied research at all major government and university labs around the world, researchers in R&D departments of leading high tech industrial companies, and metrology engineers in semiconductor fabs. The working
environment ranges from pure research to automated in-line process control.

The CAMECA instruments perform extremely sensitive analyses: atomic concentration is measured down to the ppb level (one detected atom among one billion surrounding atoms). The analysis is also very localized: from a few cubic micrometers down to the volume of single atoms, depending on the selected technique. The analysis outputs are 1D - elemental depth profiles, 2D - isotope or elemental lateral distribution images, or 3D - volumic images and composition of volumes.

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